Life lessons that helped to build human connection and a business

Giovanni shares several stories from his life that helped him to develop from a shy geek with few friends to the founder of a successful business with an impressive network of people supporting it. The importance of being willing to put himself out of his comfort zone, the generosity to support people to be brave, and the forgiveness to learn and move on from mistakes – these are three key traits he has learned from people close to him, and they are the traits that he believes are important in running any successful business. Giovanni Rossi combined his degrees in mechanical engineering and geophysics with his love for the climb, to create the Blue Ice outdoor equipment company. Headquartered in Chamonix, Blue Ice aims to inspire new generations of climbers to seek adventure through its products and Giovanni’s leadership and design. As part of this mission, Giovanni imagined the most efficient possible tools, and set about turning them into reality.