Moving beyond fear of « what if » – in skiing, in business and in life

Sven Kueenle has been a professional skier since age 17. He produces and stars in extraordinary ski movies. But he almost lost it all in a terrifying ski accident on a mountain in Alaska. Incredibly, the accident left him with only minor physical injuries. However, the emotional trauma almost caused him to quit freeride skiing in favour of an office job in Munich. Sven went through an emotional recovery process to aid him in getting back on the mountain and to support him pursuing life and business ventures without fear getting in the way. A sponsored professional skier since age 17, and producer and star of numerous extraordinary ski films, Sven Kueenle is a renaissance man of the mountains. But he came close to losing his life in a terrifying accident in Alaska. Incredibly, it left him with only minor physical injuries, but the emotional trauma almost drove him to abandon freeride skiing for an office job in Munich. Sven used the emotional recovery process to transform how he pursued life’s opportunities.

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