Passion and Resilience: the key for a new beginning

Following an accident, Eleonora Delnevo discovered that having a passion for the outdoors and for living fully helped her rehabilitation. This was especially true when she found ways (within some new limits) to come back to the sport she loves the most, climbing. Eleonora “Lola” Delnevo is an environmental consultant by trade and an outdoor sports enthusiast. A lifelong alpinist and mountaineer, everything changed after an ice-climbing accident in the winter of 2015 left her with a severed spinal cord and permanent, total paralysis of her legs. Lola channeled her grit – so useful during the most challenging climbs and mountaineering – to overcome the challenges of her new reality and build her second life. This approach has served her well: she has just climbed the Zodiac route on El Capitan – an accomplishment beyond most people’s imaginations. Join us on 8 December, when Lola tells us the story of her “two lives” and how she adapted to her changed abilities while redefining the boundaries of the accessible sports of climbing and kayaking.