Intervenants 2018

Heba Aly

One of our speakers inspires breakthroughs in journalism. Heba Aly is the director of IRIN, one of world’s leading sources of original, field-based journalism about humanitarian crises.

Ellen Brennan

Ellen Brennan follows her passion of Wingsuit BASE-jumping to explore the boundaries of what we think is possible. Her dedication to the sport has led her to become one of the top female athletes in her field.

Anne Lassman-Trappier

Anne Lassman-Trappier is a Chamonix-born environmentalist. She launched Inspire, a local non-profit whose aim is to achieve better air quality in the Mont-Blanc area by making the issue visible and by working with decision-makers to offer solutions.

Alyoscia D’Onofrio

Alyoscia D’Onofrio is the Senior Director of the International Rescue Committee’s Governance Technical Unit, where he oversees a team of technical advisors supporting IRC and partner programs in conflict-affected and fragile settings around the world.

Alexa Sadier

Alexa received her PhD from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and is currently conducting research in the Caribbean.

Sven Kueenle

Sven. Skieur et réalisateur. Imaginer comment transformer un traumatisme en nouvel objectif.

Dr. Nick Carruthers

Dr Nick. Survivant d’un traumatisme cérébral. Imaginer comment guérir l’ensemble du corps.

Giovanni Rossi

Giovanni. Grimpeur sur glace. Ingénieur. Imaginer la convergence de ses deux passions.

Dorota Bankowska

Dorota. Plongeuse. Imaginer l’exploration sous-marine infinie.

Eleonora Delnevo

Lola. Alpiniste, pionnière de l’accessibilité aux sports. Réimaginer les possibilités.

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