Intervenants 2018 - Imagine

Moving beyond fear of « what if » – in skiing, in business and in life
Posted by Sven Kueenle

Sven Kueenle has been a professional skier since age 17. He produces and stars in extraordinary ski movies. But he almost lost it all in a terrifying ski accident on a mountain in Alaska. Incredibly, the accident left him with only minor physical injuries. However, the emotional trauma almost [...]

Comment ma soif d’apprendre nourrit ma créativité
Posted by Jérôme Tanon

Abandonner ses études a probablement été la meilleure chose qui soit arrivée à Jérôme Tanon. Attiré par la photo, il a commencé par se prendre lui-même durant ses sorties en snowboard. Pour se démarquer des autres photographes du milieu, il a appris les techniques de chambre noire, pour donner [...]

Rethinking sculpture and connecting people to nature with wearable art
Posted by Sevan Garo

Artist Sevan Garo casts a momentary fingerprint from the surface of a glacier, preserving one of the most transient forms of the natural world. Glaciers have shaped and defined our landscape for millennia. Sevan tells us how the rustic and powerful items of GAROGOSI are created as "wearable [...]

Going for it: A career dream in commercial diving

Dorota “Dot” Bankowska has been enamored with diving since she was young. When she decided to make diving her career, she discovered that she was one of a very small number of women to choose this path. Defying the odds and often working outside her comfort zone, she became certified, [...]

Life lessons that helped to build human connection and a business
Posted by Giovanni Rossi

Giovanni shares several stories from his life that helped him to develop from a shy geek with few friends to the founder of a successful business with an impressive network of people supporting it. The importance of being willing to put himself out of his comfort zone, the generosity to support [...]

Creating delicate street art to surprise and inspire

The artist Mademoiselle Maurice expresses her imagination in an astonishing way. Her installations are magnificent and bold statements, but looking more closely, the viewer notices that her works are often composed of gentle and delicate components - origami birds. Her art is therefore a [...]

When words tell you more than numbers

For humanitarian assistance to be effective, we need to continuously assess and adapt our approaches. Katie Whitehouse makes the case that listening to people is a critical skill in operational research, and meaningful engagement with the population is as valuable as measuring data points. [...]

Alternative Treatment of Altitude Sickness: Manual Medicine

Have you ever wondered why some people get altitude sickness and others do not? Scientist Kelly Riis-Johannessen’s investigation into what happens to the brain at altitude resulted in the conception of a possible way to reduce the occurrence of Acute Mountain Sickness. In this talk, she shares [...]

Passion and Resilience: the key for a new beginning

Following an accident, Eleonora Delnevo discovered that having a passion for the outdoors and for living fully helped her rehabilitation. This was especially true when she found ways (within some new limits) to come back to the sport she loves the most, climbing. Eleonora “Lola” Delnevo is an [...]
Intervenants 2017 - Breakthrough (innovation)

Science Is Better With Bats
Posted by Alexa Sadier

One of the most interesting and under-studied of animals is the bat. Dr. Alexa Sadier explains how important bats are to our natural world, and how we can understand scientific inquiry and discovery by studying them. She reminds us that scientific inquiry can take centuries: the work being done [...]

How To Prepare For The Flight Of A Lifetime
Posted by Ellen Brennan

“3-2-1 see ya!”, Ellen Brennan flies into history as a pioneer in the extreme sport of Wingsuit BASE-jumping. She tells her powerful story of what it took to master her craft and do the impossible. Ellen Brennan follows her passion of Wingsuit BASE-jumping to explore the boundaries of what we [...]

Give Me A Map Of The Unknown
Posted by Misha Gopaul

Technology is changing how we navigate our world. “We are moving from static abstractions to virtual worlds”, says Misha Gopaul as he describes how 21st Century mapping of the mountains is making adventure possible. He tells his personal story of how taking risk and having faith in the science [...]

Our Dirty Mountain Air

92% of the world’s population is exposed to health-damaging levels of air pollution. Anne Lassman-Trappier shares the eye-opening truth on air pollution in the Chamonix valley and how her organization, Inspire, is leading the fight against it. Committed people can make change, and her talk is [...]

Why Cash Is Better Aid For Refugees

The humanitarian aid industry needs an overhaul to bring the “humanity” back into “humanitarian”. Alyoscia D’Onofrio outlines four main problems (scale, urgency, habits and power disparities) and three scalable solutions (cash assistance, data and accountability) that work in urgent situations.

How Open Science Protects Us
Posted by Tim Smith

Science is a process by which we understand our Universe. Sharing results openly at every stage of the process enables others to cross-check and build on the results, says Dr Tim Smith. Tim illustrates this process through the eyes of CERN, the world’s biggest scientific experiment, and [...]

Pre-habilitate And Come Back Stronger

Dr. Jean-Charles Rollier debunks the myth of physical limitations after orthopedic surgery. His groundbreaking techniques employed before and after surgery get patients walking, running, skiing and more -- faster and stronger. Dr Jean-Charles Rollier is a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon. He [...]

What Corporations Can Do About Climate Change
Posted by Naomi Swickard

Naomi Swickard looks at changes that need to occur on a mass scale to ensure that we can continue to sustain life on our planet. We must think beyond government policy and individual action and involve large corporations that utilize most the earth’s resources. Naomi Swickard has worked on [...]

We Are All Instinctively Mathematical

Dr. Lise-Anne Putnam believes that humans are instinctively mathematical. What do mathematical probability and statistics say about the real world? About the reality we all inhabit, where probabilistic events happen all around us and where statistical statements fill our news feeds. How can we [...]

Stop Eating Junk News
Posted by Heba Aly

Over the last decade, we've awoken to the fact that junk food hurts us. It's time for a similar revolution in our news consumption. Much as a nutritionist gives us tools for healthy eating, Heba Aly gives us tools to stop consuming and supporting junk news. As director of, Heba [...]

Breaking Gender Barriers In The World Of Alpinism
Posted by Marion Poitevin

Marion Poitevin has three rules for success that have led her to break many barriers for women in high mountain professions in France. Her entertaining personal story of triumph is an inspiration. Marion is as enthusiastic as she is passionate about the mountains and overcoming challenges. Her [...]
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