Jean-Charles Rollier

Anyone who participates in sports knows the risks of injury. But fortunately, through research and innovative clinical practices, athletes are able to return to the sports they love, and more quickly than ever before. Jean-Charles Rollier is a world renowned orthopedic surgeon. Early in his career, his interest in sport and functional recovery led him to ligamentary and sports surgery, as well as prosthetic surgery in young and active subjects. As a member of an internationally renowned prosthetic surgery practice, Dr. Rollier has collaborated to develop new implants and to perfect surgical methods for knee and hip replacements. His team is recognized internationally as a reference for “Rapid Recovery,” patient-centric protocol for postoperative care.

Dr. Rollier works closely with various sports clubs, such as the Evian Thonon Gaillard Football Club, the Chamonix Hockey Club, the Chevalier of Lake Annecy and the Commission of the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc, combining technical expertise with experience in the field. His goal is for injured athletes to regain their sporting level as quickly as possible and for anyone with prosthesis to pursue the physical activities they love.

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