Lise-Anne Putnam

All of us can have our perspectives changed by a breakthrough moment of comprehension, a moment when we are captivated by an idea. I had one such moment and it propelled me into what became a lifelong obsession.

Certainly not top of my class coming out of high school, and floundering in my first year at University, I found my way to abstract algebra class and was entranced. The functions sang to me. The world of maths illuminated my brain and inspired a passion. At the base of the passion was the desire to learn. More than that, there was a desire to share…to find the multitude of ways to tell the story of a theorem, a lemma, a corollary while making it relatable to the maximum number of people. To convince them that all humans are instinctively mathematical, and to convey what mathematical probability and statistics can tell us about our physical world and the world of innovations and ideas.

I received my Ph.d. from Columbia University, won the Thesis of the Year award and have won multiple teaching awards. I am thrilled to make my return to my natural habitat, proving that you can be mathematical, at TEDxChamonix 2017.

About the Speaker