Dorota Bankowska

A thrilling cave-diving experience instructed by Krzysztof Starnawski – one of the world’s greatest divers – led Dorota “Dot” Bankowska immediately to set her sights on a career in commercial diving. Attending her first training course, she found that not only was she the only female attendee, she was one of the few women ever to take the course. Once a professional diver, Dot worked seamlessly alongside her male counterparts in all forms of diving, but was not able to follow her dream and secure work in saturation diving: a world of lengthy, weeks-long stays in cramped chambers with all-male teams, and a world that few women have been permitted to enter. Instead of being disheartened, Dot recognised an opportunity: the freedom to pursue another avenue; something that had seemed it would remain a fantasy. Starting with a television advertisement, and now an underwater camera assistant, she began the next exciting phase of her career, later resulting in work on some major productions. A recent on-the-job anecdote features chatting to Linda Hamilton between takes, while James Cameron apologised for the frigid water temperature, on the set of Terminator 6. Listen to her tell her story on 8 December.

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