Jérôme Tanon

Jérôme Tanon is a self-taught analogue photographer.  With the years 2008 and 2009 devoted to teaching himself the essentials of film photography and darkroom techniques, he has since channeled his creativity into the medium of film.  The results are striking: black-and-white images that are frequently exhibited in galleries and featured in snowboarding magazines. Never one to stop learning, Jérôme is newly engaged in the art of documentary filmmaking.  In 2016, he produced his first documentary, “The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding”. It has more than 1.3-million views on YouTube. His second film, “ZABARDAST”, debuts in late 2018 and documents an epic freeride expedition in the Pakistan span of the Karakoram range.  Join us on 8 December when Jérôme will talk about how being self-taught sparks the imagination and creativity.

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