The Local Perspective by Anne-Lise Simond

I’ve discovered the TED conferences while I was working and living abroad. I’ve quickly fell in love with the format and the diversity of the topics. You can’t get bored! There is something for everyone and each mini-conference is quite understandable.

In December 2016, I went to a TEDx in Geneva. It was my first time. Until then, I’d only watched videos of the conferences. Ordering my badge put me in state of trance. Once there, they didn’t disappoint me. The short formats, the topics and the speakers were really great. On top of that, as we were in Switzerland, small chocolates were offered during the breaks. I was in heaven!

If the simple act of ordering a badge had put me in such a state, you can imagine how I felt when I heard that a TEDx was to be held in Chamonix! I sent a message less than two minutes after reading the info on Facebook. I offered to help with translations. As a professional translator, I thought it could be a great way to set a foot in the place. Kelly replied quickly… Et voilà!

The closer the event, the more work, and the less time… I’ve done a few mistakes in the translations and felt ashamed when I discovered them on the D day. But, hey, I was so thrilled to have been part of the team that I quickly forgot my frustration.

When I met the team and have my first coffee with them, they told me that the conference would be held on June the 10th. Damned! It was the day my dad had chosen to set up the fences in the mountain. Each year, we have to prepare the field for the cows that spend their summer grazing there. I thought I would be able to do both… Things didn’t turn out that way and I ended up missing the whole conference and only meeting the team at the end of the day for a drink… Can you believe it? TEDx is came to my hometown and I couldn’t be there!

That day, Kelly told me that the next TEDx Chamonix would be held on a day when I would be available. She didn’t lie. I guess I won’t be setting up any fence in December!